“As Christians we are not only to know the right world view, the world view that tells us the truth of what is, but consciously to act upon that world view so as to influence society in all its parts and facets across the whole spectrum of life, as much as we can to the extent of our individual and collective ability” Francis Schaeffer



Our Eggs Come From Here

We get our eggs through our weekly CSA veggie box. The chicken rancher is Jim Dunlop of TLC Ranch. He had told me about his mobile chicken coops, and I’ve tried to imagine what they look like; now there’s a photo that’s up for voting in a photo contest. The mobile chicken coops allow them to take their free range chickens and move them periodically to fresh grass. This also lets the previous area recover from the chicken troopin’ and poopin’. Click here to vote for this photo in their contest.

“TLC Ranch raise pigs and laying hens on 20 acres of organic pasture. The laying hens share the pasture with a system of movable fencing and mobile chicken coops made from recycled cotton trailers”



More Young People Farming

The raised awareness of the need for sustainable, locally grown, organic food has steadily risen and consumers are increasingly looking for ways to buy it. In my own personal experience our local farm, Live Earth Farm, is booked solid for the season. People at work are regularly talking about the subject in the lunch room. Organic grocers such as Whole Foods are opening in more and more locations. The largest Whole Foods in the country is supposed to open in 2008 only a few miles from out house. Local traditional supermarkets are featuring fruit and vegetables that are locally farmed and have a section for organic foods. There are definitely positive changes happening locally.

Nationally, the Boston Globe reports that there are more and more young people entering into the farming programs at the colleges. Half the young people didn’t even grow up on a farm. And there’s even people leaving careers to become farmers! This is very encouraging for the future of food in our country. Click here to read the entire article.


Nitrogen Pollution

Everyone knows about the green house gas CO2. But there’s another ecological bad guy called “active nitrogen”. Cars put it into the air and agriculture puts tons of it in the ground, but both cause it to pollute the air, ground and water around us, resulting in changes to native ecosystems. Scientists are finding that plant and animal populations are disappearing in a variety of native habitats. Read the following article to learn more about the practical effects that have been studied on California Bay Area habitats. Click here to read the article titled “Nitrogen Overdose”


Factory Farm Map

Check out this really interesting interactive Factory Farm Map (Click Here). It was put together by the Food and Water Watch. Factory farms pollute the air and water more than vehicles in some places. Some communities are truly suffering because of corporate factory farms pushing their way into the community. Can you imagine the stench that you would have to endure? Your fresh clean country air is turned to putrid and suffocating by these corporate giants. Your natural spring water turns to a bacterial breeding ground and your food now has new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The Food and Water watch website not only has this very cool interactive map, but also a host of other information to keep you informed on the subject. Wisconsin and California hold the top two spots for dairy cow pollution. Alabama and Georgia hold the top two spots for nationwide chicken pollution.


Better Nutrition in Organics

Some new long term studies are finding that there are some significantly higher levels of flavanoids, a valuable phytochemical, in tomatoes which are grown organically. This is just more proof that God really knew what he was doing when he made creation. Man just cannot compete with God’s works of creation. Natural organically managed soil has a complex and amazing ecology of microbes and insects that provide the best growing environment for plants and also help to maintain a living breathing earth. With the threats of global warming, we are reminded that a healthy living breathing earth is very important for our own fragile bodies. Look for sustainable, organic produce and change your habits to be more environmentally friendly. God’s creation is truly amazing and we are responsible to be good and wise stewards of the land. Click Here to read the 10 year study.

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