“I may be speaking to some who can say, with an emphasis, that they oftentimes find great crops of thistles springing up in their hearts, and they have to keep the sickle of sacred mortification going to cut them down, and they try if possible to dig them up by the roots. But thus it is; you cannot expect a perfect life of happiness in an imperfect world Eke this. No; your Savior carried the cross, and you will have a cross of some kind or other to carry after him. ??Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee.?? Spurgeon, C. H.



Coffee Killers

Once again, large corporations are making a big profit at the expense of the poor farmers. Do you drink Starbucks, Nescafe, Folgers, Maxwell House or any of the other major brands? You money is likely going towards funding a large corporation at the expense of some poor farmers in an already poor country.

Read a full article on MSNBC: Click Here

There is a way to stop this madness. “Fair trade” labeled coffee is one way, and there is also a program called the “Cup of Excellence” that provides a way for connecting coffee farmers directly to the roasters and coffee houses all around the world. The programs literally change the lives of farmers and the communties around these farmers. To learn more about Cup of Excellence, Click Here

I purchase my coffee from a roaster in Santa Rosa that purchases Cup of Excellence coffees and has relationships with the farmers. He’s an awesome roaster of very delicious coffee, Andrew Barnett at Ecco Caffe Click Here.

There are a number of other Cup of Excellence coffee roasters. If you want me to look one up in your area, drop me an email.



Organic Tastier and Healthier?

This spring I’ve discovered that organic / farm fresh strawberries are tastier. The chemical fertilizer and irrigation methods of conventional growing methods make the strawberries grow faster, but it just make them taste more watery and less like a strawberry. Organic methods produce a smaller strawberry, but those little berries pack a tasty punch and have better texture.

Now, Some scientific research done a Texas university has quantified that the organic produce is often more nutritious. Click Here


Pesticide Free Kids

Kids are very susceptable to pesticide poisoning from food from birth to 2 years of age because of the reduced ability of the extcretory system to process and reject these pesticides. Little is known about the effects of the pesticide levels in kids, but we do know that pesticides are a neurotoxin that can dramatically effect brain function.

The original article was from United Press Internationl. I found it through Organic Consumers Association: Click Here


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