This last week an esteemed brother minister was telling me that, in speaking to a man who professed to have been converted, he asked him which sin remained as a load upon his mind. “Well,?” said the man, “I have to see after cows, and I have often beaten the cows very badly.” “What do you do now?” “Oh, I coax them instead of beating them.” Now, I have no doubt, that in his peculiar calling, cruelty to animals would be most strikingly laid upon his conscience, but the pastor had to say to him, “Yes, quite so; but the great sin in your fault is, that the cows are God’s creatures, and that he is angry if we treat his creatures unmercifully.?’
Spurgeon (May 16, 1868)


Verse Card Maker Tool

Here’s a handy tool for printing out verses to memorize in a business card format. It’s called the Verse Card Maker by Michael Scott. I have yet to try it, so I’ll update this post after I tried it. Verse Card Maker


Trutone Bibles Going Bad

The trutone material is a new thing for Bibles. I don’t know exactly when they started making them, but it seems like it hasn’t been more than a couple years.  When they are new, the look and feel is very impressive, however, it seems that they are not doing well with age. J. Mark Bertrand has been reviewing Bibles for years and keeps an eye out for quality Bibles. This time he’s discovered the Trutone covers are not surviving with age. Read his article and the comments on his blog, you’ll see that many people are experiencing the same thing with these Trutone bibles. Looks like they are a waste of money and resources. Click Here for J. Mark Bertrand on Trutone Bibles


Our Eggs Come From Here

We get our eggs through our weekly CSA veggie box. The chicken rancher is Jim Dunlop of TLC Ranch. He had told me about his mobile chicken coops, and I’ve tried to imagine what they look like; now there’s a photo that’s up for voting in a photo contest. The mobile chicken coops allow them to take their free range chickens and move them periodically to fresh grass. This also lets the previous area recover from the chicken troopin’ and poopin’. Click here to vote for this photo in their contest.

“TLC Ranch raise pigs and laying hens on 20 acres of organic pasture. The laying hens share the pasture with a system of movable fencing and mobile chicken coops made from recycled cotton trailers”



God’s Timing for Marriage or Parents

Isn’t it interesting that God had designed our bodies such that we begin to have intense physical attraction to the opposite sex in our high school and teenage years and at the same time parents are doing their best to avoid having daughters that become single teenage mothers or sons who become dead beat fathers . I’ve often wondered if perhaps God’s timing for marriage is not the same as our culture’s timing for marriage; it has been shifted not based on biblical reasons, but based on worldy reasons such as education, career, aquisition of a house, or other wordly things. On the other hand, God has designed our bodies such that they are ready for marriage and family much sooner.

I totally agree that we should be celibate before marriage, but if you don’t have the gift of celibacy—a life of celibacy for the purpose of serving God—then perhaps it’s unwise to try to force a gift that God has not given. Instead parents can plan for their children to marry earlier and experience the gift of marriage.

It seems that the wider evangelical world might be in for a bit of a shake-up in this respect. Christianity today’s cover story is “The Case for Early Marriage” and Albert Mohler is blogging and supporting it too. I’m all for it too—with a healthy portion of wisdom and discernment. Click here to see the article: “The Case for (Early) Marriage” on Albert Mohler’s blog.

Netflix to Puritan Picks

Perhaps only a few of you know that I love the Puritans. My old friends from my school days, or party days, might not know a single thing about the Puritans. Perhaps their name invokes a stereotype of boring, religious people; but I’m more familiar with their writings, which use rich, sometimes poetic language that is full of passion and love for God. What if you can watch stuff like that on your modern flat panel LCD ? Well, there is a DVD lending service called Puritan Picks. I stumbled across it when looking at the redesign of the Monergism website. It looks like something worth checking out for all those who are curious about what a Puritan might pick to watch! wink

Click Here for Puritan Picks