“The finest men in all the world are not to be found in the warm, genial climates, where the earth has only to be tickled with a hoe, and it laughs with plenty; but the strongest and the most enterprising spirits have been found at the back of the north wind, where there are frosts and ice, and long, dreary winters, and men have a hard struggle for a livelihood. They become really men under that stern training. Now, if there were no thorns and thistles, no struggles and no trials, should we have any brave Christians? Should we have any great and noble souls at all? When did the Church yield her best men for her Lord’s service? It was in the persecuting times, when they had to swim through seas of blood to hold fast the truth of Christ. These are silken days, and we have wretched specimens of Christians everywhere; but if the times of persecution were to come once more, with the rough winds blowing, and the whole sea of the world tossed in tempest, we should then find brave sailors who would put the ship’s head to the wind, and ride safely over the stormy billows in the name of the Eternal God.” Spurgeon, C. H.

From the Thorns and Thistles Sermon, Vol 39.


Tech Travel to the Holy Land

Never been to the Holy Land? Well, Google’s Satellite maps can give you a bird’s eye view of just about anywhere in the world. Check out the following link that has a very good tour of Passion Week. The days from Palm Sunday through his resurrection. Zoom in to see the street level view and also click on each day on the left hand navigation area. It will take you through each day and give you a little summary of those locations and days.

Click Here for the Passion Week Google Map

Click Here for the Original ESV Bible Blog Article


River Park

Downtown San Jose has a fun park with lots of rope structures to climb on. It’s been there for a few years, but Matthew was still too young to try it. We decided to give it another try. He mostly liked playing in the toddler area with the other smaller kids.


Here’s Matthew and I attempting to climb the rope dome structure. We sorta got stuck at the top and needed a few more hands to help get Matthew back down. I guess Matthew’s still not quite old enough.


Of course, Claire was looking cute as usual and able to hold onto the ropes.


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Latte Art

I’ve been making attempts at latte art lately on our new espresso machine. It’s now much easier to make latte art in the steamed milk and espresso with the new machine. Here’s an attempt at creating the traditional rosetta design in the milk. The design is made by swaying the milk stream from side to side as it pours into the mug. This causes waves of brown espresso and white milk foam to form the leaves of the rosetta pattern and then at the very end, the stem is formed by dragging the milk stream right through the middle of the leaves.


Matthew and Kai

Jenn’s friend Amy has a younger son named Kai. They are approximately the same age and had some fun playing together at our local park. Amy used to be just down the street, a few houses away, but now she’s living in Clovis. Amy told us that Kai does miss us.

Kai asks about you guys a lot. He says he wants to see Matthew, or he wants to hold baby Claire. He was talking about them yesterday, in fact. Too cute.

Here’s a photo of the two of them playing at the local park.


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