“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7, ESV)


Overture for Moms


To all the moms out there, here’s your masterpiece. wink If you don’t see any embedded video below. Click Here to see it on YouTube

Claire and the Prior Owner

Claire is just starting to spend a little time every now and then in her little play center. She doesn’t really grab for much. She sorta just sits in there, leaning to the side and looking around. I think she like the upright position because she’ll happily stay there looking around without much fuss.

The girl in the background is Annie, she’s actually the previous owner of this contraption. It was graciously donated to Claire by her mother and father, Jill and Brian, who visited on this evening for chili and cornbread. We concluded this evening with Matthew’s busted and bloody mouth incident and lots of John Deere tractor videos. Brian happened to be a big tractor fan, so it was some good boyish fun. Sorry no photos of Matthew bloody mouth, we were too busy trying to wash his mouth out to see if his tooth was broken off or just a broken lip. He just cut his lip.

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Two on the Couch

We did a little photo session on the couch. They are both featured wearing the latest in diaper fashion. wink

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Bumbo Dangers

That very popular little infant seat called the Bumbo is getting news coverage because several parents have already experienced serious injury with their infants. It happens when the seat is placed on a high surface like a counter top or a table. The child shift his or her weight around enough to cause the seat to tip over and the infant falls to the floor. In one, case the child was airlifted to have critical surgery performed on his skull which cracked into several pieces.

Early when using the seat I noticed the prominent warning printed on the seat which says not to use it on raised surfaces. This makes sense considering the unpredictable movements on children. Would you trust your child up high in one of these spongy little seats? It is very tempting to try it since the seat is so small it easily fits on a counter top. Even the advertisements on the product box show the children on raised surfaces. When they are very young, it doesn’t seem like they will get out. But it’s not long before they become comfortable with the seat and figure things out, including how to tip it over. If the seat is up high, your child may fall to the floor and breaks his head or neck.

We used to put the seat on our counter tops when Matthew was very young. Thank God he hadn’t fallen. After hearing these horror stories, you can bet that we aren’t going to put Claire up high in this thing.

Check out a full news story on ABC news.


Family Gathering

My mom orchestrated a gathering of relatives from her side of the family. The guest of honor was Aunt Fay, my grandmother’s sister. We had a fun time of food, chit chat and a casual / silly group photo. Matthew had loads of fun skipping his normal nap and bugging the girls. He’s already well on his way to becoming the boy the girls love to hate.

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