“When men feed on the word, it is turned into a principle of life, spiritual strength, and growth within; which a taste of it only will not give. As food, when it is digested, turns into flesh and blood and spirits, so doth the word, and Christ therein, unto the souls of men spiritually. Hence Christ becometh “our life,” and “liveth in us,” as the efficient cause of our spiritual life, Gal. 2:20; Col. 3:3; and we grow and increase by the word, 1 Pet. 2:2. A mere taste, though it may yield present refreshment, yet it communicates no abiding strength. Hence multitudes relish the word when it is preached, but never attain life, or strength, or growth by it.” (John Owen, The Works of John Owen vol. 7, 31)


Mother’s Day Photos

Yep, that’s right, Mother’s Day Photos that have just been sitting on a hard drive on a computer for all these months. Jenn even took some photos of me and the kids. I’m glad she did because we just don’t have many photos of me and my kids.

Here’s me and the kids. It was not easy to coordinate them sitting still and looking towards the camera. Not exactly your ideal smiles for the photos, but we appreciate what we get.

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Clair and Matthew May 2008

My Christian Life Doctrines class ended just last week, the garden is more established and doesn’t need as much attention. So I finally managed some free time to process some photos. I did a small photo session with Claire and Matthew back in May. It’s just photos of them around the house. Here’s one of Claire up against our couch. She wanted to crawl away, but I kept propping her back up against the couch.

It’s easy to get some action shots of Matthew, he’s running most of the time! And he has wild and crazy hair.

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Connor’s Diving Accident

Recently a young man from our church had a diving accident which has broken his neck. He was diving into area of Hume lake that was too shallow and he hit the bottom and broke his neck. Jenn and I only know him as the drummer we see on Sunday’s in the worship band. His parents are writing daily on a blog and currently I’m glued to reading the day by day trials and sufferings this family is going through. They provide several updates a day, relaying both their physical and spiritual struggles. Please visit their blog, read about their son and pray for them.
Connor’s Blog