“The finest men in all the world are not to be found in the warm, genial climates, where the earth has only to be tickled with a hoe, and it laughs with plenty; but the strongest and the most enterprising spirits have been found at the back of the north wind, where there are frosts and ice, and long, dreary winters, and men have a hard struggle for a livelihood. They become really men under that stern training. Now, if there were no thorns and thistles, no struggles and no trials, should we have any brave Christians? Should we have any great and noble souls at all? When did the Church yield her best men for her Lord’s service? It was in the persecuting times, when they had to swim through seas of blood to hold fast the truth of Christ. These are silken days, and we have wretched specimens of Christians everywhere; but if the times of persecution were to come once more, with the rough winds blowing, and the whole sea of the world tossed in tempest, we should then find brave sailors who would put the ship’s head to the wind, and ride safely over the stormy billows in the name of the Eternal God.” Spurgeon, C. H.

From the Thorns and Thistles Sermon, Vol 39.


Our Black and White Kids

Well, they aren’t really black and white. They are both a little tan. Jenn is happy about that because she has never tanned, but always burned in the sun. There are some more black and white photos in the gallery.

Click Here to see all the Black and White photos.

This next one was hard to get because every time she looked up she we would shortly after fall over on her side.


The Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

We cooked up this cookie quite a while ago. It’s actually printed on the Guittard chocolate chip bag and it’s on their website. I recently entered into our online recipe database because we were going through our clutter and I had saved the bag with the recipe on it. I carelessly tossed the bag in the trash and later Jenn saw it there and quickly snatched it out. It really is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe we found so far. I think it’s better than Toll House. Click here to see the recipe.


Is it a Baby or Just Tissue?

It’s amazing how far people will go to suppress the obvious truth that when mommy and daddy have sex, a baby begins developing in the womb. In our age of science and technology we have gained knowledge but sometimes this knowledge just makes our excuses more complex so the people actually think their well constructed lies are the truth. Here’s the truth, a developing fetus is a human being! Eventually, becoming an adult like the rest of us! It doesn’t become just a collection of tissue, or blood cells or a tumor. Somehow this obvious truth is still denied by even the most intelligent doctors, lawyers and judges. I guess you can say they have made their foolishness clear and plain for all to see. The New York courts echo the stupidity and ignorance of the obvious in a latest ruling declaring that doctors aren’t required to tell their patients that it’s a baby in their womb. They don’t want women to know the truth, because they want women to have a CHOICE to kill their baby without any moral feeling of guilt. Read this section of the article.

Mrs. Acuna, now 40, said in court proceedings that when she was in the early stages of pregnancy in 1996, she had asked Dr. Turkish “if it was the baby in there” and that Dr. Turkish had replied, “Don’t be stupid, it’s only blood.”

According to court papers, Dr. Turkish denied having made such a statement, adding that he probably told her that a “seven-week pregnancy is not a living human being,” but rather that it “is just tissue at this time.”

Mrs. Acuna had an abortion, and several weeks later went to the hospital after experiencing bleeding. She said that only after a nurse told her that “the doctor had left parts of the baby inside” did she realize it “was a baby and not just blood” inside her.

Of course, you can also blame her for not knowing the obvious. It’s a baby in there. But look at what the doctors, courts and lawyers want to tell you about your developing baby. “It’s just tissue.” What a lie!

Click here to read the entire New York Times Article.


Very Moving Photo Story

Words can’t describe how incredibly moving this photo story is, titled “A Mother’s Journey” by Sacramento Bee photographer Renee C. Byer. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. All I can say is watch it, turn the captions on to read the story behind the pictures, and have plenty of Kleenex ready. Click here to see “A Mother’s Journey”.

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