Saying Yes to the Manhattan Declaration

I appreciate Sproul’s desire to stand firm on for the faith of the Gospel and his decision to say no to the Manhattan Declaration. I also appreciate Albert Mohler’s desire to recognize the importance of the Manhattan Declaration and the specific purpose it serves in fighting social evils. He said yes to the Manhattan Declaration, signed it and wrote about his decision.  Two people I admire made completely opposite decisions and they both have excellent reasons for the decisions they made.

So was Sproul too critical about the language in the Manhattan Declaration? Was his concern for the compromise of the Gospel faith unwarranted? Was Albert Mohler too relaxed in his decision to sign this declaration? Did he fail to consider the compromises that were being made?

I guess it’s time for me to study this declaration from myself! If you haven’t please read the Manhattan Declaration and let me know what you decide and why. I’m planning to study it more carefully and decide for myself too.

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