Ugobe Pleo Baby Dinosaur

At my workplace, Toshiba, they introduced a very cool robotic dinosaur as something every employee should buy. Why? Because each dinosaur has 8 Toshiba microprocessor inside that give it it’s artificial intelligence and lifelike movement and interaction with the world. At $350 it’s not a cheap toy, but it is definitely not your average robot. Probably the most lifelike robotic creature to date. Check out the Ugobe website to learn more about this robot. They are also being sold at places like Sharper Image,, Best Buy, etc. With all the Toshiba microprocessor’s inside it will actually help pay the bills at the Lombardi household if the worldwide sales are big smile

There are lots of videos and pictures on the following website so you can get a good idea what it does.
Click her to see Ugobe the Baby Dinosaur

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling it with a lifetime gaurantee, claiming you can get a refund if you are ever disatisfied in your entire life! They also have discount code you can enter to get $30 off. Coupon code is HOLAFS2
Click Here to see it at Hammacher Schlemmer


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