Stupid Cupid

Last night in junior high ministry we played a game called Stupid Cupid. It involved splitting into groups and using clues to drive around and gather proof that we went to various locations. The point is also to find something or someone that is “Stupid Cupid”. Last year stupid cupid was a little stuffed animal that was held by someone.

This year, Jenn, I, Matthew and 4 other girls piled into the SUV and headed off to find Stupid Cupid. It was a little difficult this year because the clues were much harder. We were driving in the wrong direction and wasting time. One of the clues read something like “The Dangerous way is full of troubles, but the ____ ____ is secure and easy”. So we had to go to Safe Way. Unfortunately, we were already headed in the wrong direction when we did this. Jenn wasn’t able to stay with us the entire time because Matthew was getting fusy and started crying in the car seat. I dropped Jenn and Matthew at a Starbucks and picked them up later.

Another clue read “Small 2 1/2 _________” The answer was “Big 5”, a sporting goods store. While at the store, a lady stepped up to the car and asked for some money. She even had a print out of the hotel she was trying to stay at with her and her family ($40 per night). I gave her some money, but when the girls had saw that I gave money, one said that you shouldn’t give money to the poor because they could spend it on drugs. Well, hopefully they don’t spend it on drugs, and I agree to some point. But people should help them in any way they can, and it’s the responisbility of the homeless person to make use of the resources given to them. If I give a homeless person money and they blow it on drugs and remain hungry and homeless, then the irresponsibility lays on them, not me.

Ideally, it would be nice if I always had some spare food on me, or had enough time to really help someone find shelter or a job. The reality is that money is much easier and convenient to give than my time and efforts.

I also talked about this with Jenn this morning and an important point came up. God blesses us with so many things, and how often have we misused those blessings. I think nearly everyone is guilty of misusing the blessing from God. So then, what position are we to withhold a blessing to a poor person because they might misuse it. We are not in this position. Besides, even if you give to 10 people and only 1 person uses the blessing appropriately, it is still worth it to have helped 1 person.

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  1. Kent says:


    You have a severe compulsive controlling mental disorder as proven by being a pest after being placed on “block.” Get HELP quick. You are destined to spend eternity in hell. You have fallen from grace, as the Apostle Paul warned clearly. But I am sure you didn’t read that either.







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