SF 80

Thanksgiving day, we saw an RollsRoyce with the license tag SF 80. A very big African American was driving. Guess what happened on our way back home in the evening.

The same Rolls Royce passes us on the freeway. Wow, we were all floored. So we caught up with the Rolls Royce and eventually came along side. Of course, our Chevy Tahoe probably looked like any of the hundreds of Chevy Tahoes on the freeway. He had no idea that he was side by side with us early in the day.

We continued our way home and thought that we had gone different ways when the Roll Royce passed us for the third time. Morgan Hill has some very wealthy communities, so we thought for sure it was going to Morgan Hill. Our exit was coming up and it seemed that the Rolls Royce was getting off at our same exit. To our suprise, he took the same exit as us! Where in our middle class neighborhood would a 49’er in a Rolls Royce live?

We had considered following the Rolls Royce to see where a supposed SF 49’er football player might live. My dad joked that he wanted me to let him out so that he can continue the pursuit on foot. We continued on our way home so that we can see the special two hourse of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

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