Target is Anti-Christian

Target bans Salvation Army bell ringers because they are labeled a “religious group” and Target doesn’t want to contribute to any religious group. On the other hand, Target does contribute to homosexuals. So although they may tote themselves as taking a neutral ground, really they are seeming to be biased against Christians and pro-homosexual, supporting liberal agendas. Many people think that Target is banning Salvation Army because Salvation Army doesn’t support homosexuals.

Salvation Army has been an American institution that has helped the poor and needy for generations. It’s like banning Girl Scouts, or Santa Clause. Target banned the word “Merry Christmas” this year, but the pressure put on them by Christian groups has made a difference. They now say they will include “Christmas” next year. 

I still don’t like Target. Perhaps they are cheaper, but I would prefer to spend a few more dollars somewhere that supports a future I believe in-Salvation Army is part of that future. The Salvation Army helps the sick and poor and doesn’t change based on the “spirit of the times”, or the pressures of society. It’s a Christian organization with Christian roots, but it’s also as American as the Red Cross.

Read more about the Salvation Army. They denied a $3.5 million government grant in 2001 because it also stipulated they must hire homosexuals among their core officers and leaders. Thankfully, President Bush-in 2002-opened the doors for religious groups-such as the Salvation Army-to compete for federal dollars without having to compromise their beliefs. Nevertheless, places like Target and other homosexual groups violently oppose and lobby against the Salvation Army. The truth is, there are many homosexual volunteers, however, they don’t hire homosexuals into clergy or officer positions and they don’t provide marriage services to homosexuals. Tese same activists would prefer to have your children taught early about the homosexual lifestyle and recruit children to encourage and support the homosexual lifestyle in our schools.

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