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Some of you may already know that I’ve been very interested in ethics and health surrounding the food my family eats. Activism in the area of food has long been associated with wacko liberals. Organizations like PETA are well known for their crazy tactics. This has caused a negative reaction to the very mention of animal rights, etc. However, I think there is a new breed of conservative in the making. Richard Dreher wrote a book Crunchy Con that coined a category for a new brand of conservatives. I have yet to read the book but I think I probably fit into that category. I think there will be more Christian minded people who care about being good stewards of the gifts that God has given them. This worldview includes proper stewardship of all the resources God has given us. This includes land, money, animals, and people. Each area is a struggle and each area has room for improvement.

If we prioritize our efforts, people would be of highest importance, followed by animals, land and finally money. I think this priority is also modeled biblically. God created man to rule over all creation. Animals have numerous laws in the Old Testament that show God’s heart for the health and treatment of animals. They are even given rest on the Sabbath day. Land of course is a blessing in so many ways, able to sustain both man and animals. Finally, although we should wisely manage our money, wealthiness is not a virtue and is depicted in the Bible as a spiritual burden.

In our lives, we often think of animals as those creatures we see on the discovery channel or the family pet. However, animals have an even more intimate part in our daily lives. They come to our dinner table nearly everyday, their lives sacrificed to help sustain our health and provide energy for us to do our daily work. Yet, we don’t think much about where that animal came from, the life it lived, how it was treated or how it was killed. We have become complacent, unkowing and uncaring about such things. Fortunately, I have become interested in knowing about these things.

Let me take a step back and explain how my family came to this point. It all started with the rental of a movie called “Future of Food” from Netflix. We became aware of the corporate corruption in the food industry. Suddenly, we were acutely aware that we could not trust the corporations that were feeding us. The movie directed us to where we learned about a local CSA called Live Earth Farm ( where we can get organic fruits and veggies. We were not only concerned about the pesticides on our food, but we were wanting to take part in a farm that would depend less on oil, pesticides, chemicals, and the corrupt corporations. We have been extremely pleased with Live Earth Farm and they are doing so well, that they have 200 people on the waiting list for next season and only 500 slots available.

In addition to fruits and veggies, I wanted to explore the options for getting chicken, beef, poultry and seafood. Through the website we were able to find Morris Grassfed Beef and TLC Ranch for pastured chicken, eggs and pork. Finally, Poppy’s poultry and seafood in Morgan Hill is also an excellent place to get wild fish at good prices. Beef is purchased in split halves (~100 lbs), chicken is purchased whole, and hogs are purchase either half (~100 lbs) or whole (~200lbs). We purchased a large chest style freezer that holds all the meat for use throughout the year.

I pretty much jumped into purchasing organic, grassfed, pastured meat from local farmers believing it was the right thing to do. Recently, I’ve discovered a wealth of information supporting the decision. It’s not only healthier us, but it is better on the animals, the environment, the workers and the local communities. The alternative is to buy from the large CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and slaughterhouses that have been compromising our health with food-borne illnesses and higher levels of bad fats, mistreating the animals, polluting the environment, mistreating the workers and shutting down family farms that have been running for generations. Read more about CAFO’s at You can also learn about the health benefits of Grass Fed products at

It is more expensive to buy local organic, however, I don’t see how we have an option. Putting the health benefits aside, mistreatment of the animals, workers and the environment is enough reason to stop buying their products.

God has revealed in the Bible that we should be good stewards of his creation. I found an excellent study of biblical passages on this subject at (The site is vegetarian, but if you follow the link, it has an excellent bible study for understand scriptures position on stewardship of animals) As a Christian, I don’t see how I can continue to purchase meat from these large corporations and have a clear conscience.

I’ve also found Fast Food Nation to be an eye opening book that reveals the darker side of America’s current food system. A Fast Food Nation movie is soon to come out.

I encourage you all to learn more about this since, as consumers, we are responsible for making wise choices about the products we purchase and the places we put our money. Choose fruits and veggies that are grown locally and organically. Choose meat that has been grassfed and pastured. Support your local farms.

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