Obama and Abortion

In the last debate Obama made the statement that no one is really pro-abortion.He also claimed that we can all commonly work together to reduce unwanted pregnancies. Well, the first statement is simply a lie. Albert Mohler, pointed out that there are pro-choice feminists that are selling T-Shirts that says they had an abortion. And there are other pro-choice advocates that do everything they can to make abortions seem void of any moral problems. The reality is that there is a very aggressive pro-abortion forces in this country that it’s simply intellectual dishonest for Obama to make such a statement. Especially considering he is one of them.

Obama is being very deceptive to pro-lifers who look at him as a viable candidate. If you are pro-life, or you would like to see abortions reduced in this country, Obama is headed in the opposite direction. He always votes in such a way to make sure that there are no obstacles for people to have abortions and he even would go so far as to have everyones taxes pay for abortions to those who can’t afford it. Well, as Christian who’s convinced that the life of the unborn deserves protection from wongdoers, I take great offense to know that my tax dollars might pay for the murder of an innocent unborn baby. Obama simply cannot be trusted to protect the lives of the unborn and his answer in the debate shows that he would appoint Supreme Court Justices that would keep Roe v. Wade in effect.

If you are pro-life and struggle with wondering if you can vote for Obama, please listen to a couple of radio show programs by Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler who discusses these issues. He does an excellent job of explaining where we must stand on this issue. Click on the links below to go to the radio show page and download the mp3.

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