Matthew’s Trombone Request

Matthew has requested a trombone several times. This latest occurrence happened over the cell phone; I often play my trumpet during breaks at work. I had finished playing and called Jenn, who hands the phone over Matthew who wanted to talk to me.

Matthew: What are you doing daddy?

Me: I was playing my trumpet.

Matthew: I want a trombone.

Me: You are too small for a trombone. You need to wait until you get bigger. A trombone is too big for you.

Matthew: I want a small trombone, like on Jack’s Music Show. They have small trombones.

Me: Those are just pretend trombones for fun. They don’t actually play.

Matthew: Trombones are actually made of dirt. Somehow, trombones come from dirt.

Then suddenly a busy signal. I try to call back but Matthew doesn’t answer. Later, Jenn mentions that Matthew couldn’t figure out how to answer the phone when I called back, but he continued to talk as if he was talking to me.

Matthew: I’m sorry daddy. I was waiting for you and I love you and I forgive you.

It sure is wonderful to be forgiven. smile

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