Low Rise Jeans

Lately, it has been very hard, even for men to get a regular pair of jeans. Most of the new jean styles have been those low rise jeans. You can choose a moderately low rise, or super low rise. In Queen Latifa’s latest movie “Beauty Shop”, the mother described these jeans as “coming down to the top of her burning bush”!
At our church, Church on the Hill, most junior high students are wearing these jeans. Many of the activities require student to bend this way and
that, or sit on the floor. These low rise jeans are not very attractive in these situations. It wasn’t attractive to see crack when the plumbers did
it, and it still isn’t attractive when youngster do it. Just say no to crack!
Thankfully, the jean companies are giving us some relief and are beginning to provide some higher rises on these jeans. It seems that they are even going so far as to provide ultra high rise jeans. I suppose so we can look like we have no belly? I’ve been trying to get rid of mine, so perhaps I’ll try one out.  smile

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  1. southerntrain says:

    I think that “low-rise jeans” are not very appropriate? I am a firm believer in the fact that Gods words says a woman (main gender to wear lowrise jeans)  should dress modestly. The reason of God saying such a thing for women to dress modestly is because men are stimulated physically and women mainly are done mentally. So if a woman comes strolling into a church with a pair of lowrise jeans then the possibility of catching the attention of another person (that may already be married) could be devistating to a person enthused with physical features? He could take home these lustful feeling and dwell on them which leads to sin?.......a physical relationship does not have to exist for lustfulness to take place. A person just has to think on such thoughts and Gods word says if you look at a woman to lust after her, He’s already commited adultrey in his heart. So there are lots of things biblically to support the NON use of low rise?.....for what does wearing lowrise jeans acomplish to ones self? I personally can’t think of anything except “gas pains?”  big surprise  but for those that want to wear for the style? would be another fish following the crowd. Jesus said if we are of the world, then the love of the father is not in him.

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