Live Earth Farm

We visited the Live Earth Farm Summer Solstice festival. It was actually a very strange day. It was probably 105 degrees in San Jose, but when we headed over the hill into Watsonville, towards the ocean, the sky was darkening and lightening was streaking across the sky. The lightning was striking in the hills that we were travelling through and causing forest fires. We drove right past a forest fire at the base of an electric tower that we could clearly see from the road. There were many people who stopped their cars on the side of the road to watch.

In Watsonville it was only around 63 degrees and the sky was dark and it was raining! After we parked, the sky cleared and the temperature quickly climbed to the upper 80’s. Later, I was taking breaks from the sun because I was sweating like crazy! A strange day indeed.

There’s not a lot of photos, but there are a few of us. Our friends Jill and Brian and their daughter Anny joined us that day.

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