Hidden Hazards of Air Fresheners

This latest information makes me wonder how we every began to think spraying chemicals in the air we breath is “freshening” the air. It just sounds ridiculous.  hmmm

Now some of your favorite air fresheners can actually be causing more harm than good. So throw away those air fresheners, especially if they are on the list of hazardous products and open the windows. Some stores actually pulled the bad products from the shelves already.

While on the subject of air freshness, it’s also a good idea not to light scented candles, especially if you have allergy and asthma sensitivities. I’ve read from a number of expert sources that the best way to improve indoor air quality is to simply open up the windows and let the fresh air in. Sure, you might let some heat in or the cold air out, but it really doesn’t change the heating bill much to replace the indoor air with fresh outdoor air. On hot days we make it a habit to open the windows during the cooler evening. During the cold days of winter, we open the windows during the warmest part of the day. Last year was one of the first years that we really started opening the windows regularly and we tracked our heating bill. I couldn’t see any noticeable difference in the monthly bill. But I bet our bodies appreciate having a little fresh air.

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