Global Warming vs. Abortion

I usually try to prioritize the hot issues in politics when I’m choosing a candidate. Abortion being the most important since it is directly linked to a huge number of human lives that are destroyed every day. However, with global warming becoming a threat to the entire planet and every human life, the priority might shift to be higher than abortion.

Historically, the Republicans have been pro-life, but they are also pro-corporations. Corporations have resisted legislation that reduce green house emissions The Bush Administration is also responsible for pulling out of the Kyoto protocol and putting the U.S. farther behind in efforts to cut green house gas emissions. So should pro-lifers like me give up their position and leave the Republican party in order to go after a more important, life-saving issue of global warming? Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of a few Republicans that have bucked the Republican trend and signed in one of the largest initiatives in the U.S. to cut green house gasses in California. If the Republican party doesn’t follow Arnold’s lead, and the Democrats promise more regulaion of green house gases, I might seriously consider hoping the party line.

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