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After a short evaluation of, I decided to stick with putting photos on my own gallery. I think is a lot slower than my own site.

Flickr is slower for several reasons.
- Huge number of visitors.
- It’s a cheap service, you get what you pay for.
- A complex interface.

My site has a very simple gallery interface that makes it much faster for viewing. I know not everyone has a superfast DSL connection, so I decided to stick with my own website. Also, I’ll have complete control over how the photos are displayed and the organization of them on my site. With I am subject to whatever they decide to do with the site.

It’s so easy to uploade to that I’ll continue to upload there. The high resolution versions will be uploaded, so if you want to have any printed at your local store, the interface provides an order prints option that prints to a local store. In my area, they print to a variety of Target stores. I thought this might be a compelling reason for me to use, however, I find that their prints are mediocre compared to the professional online service I use. I use and 4x6’s are only .24 cents per print, including shipping. So I’ll continue to use for prints.

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