Fall Family Blast

October 31st came and went. Matthew was dressed as a hunter / soldier, and we went to our church, Church on the Hill for their Fall Family Blast. Church on the Hill did a knock out job creating an entertaining, fun, and safe environment for kids. There were bounce houses, mazes, professional magic shows, melodrama’s performed by our junior high students, carnival style games where kids could win candy or prizes, a petting zoo, and food booths with favorites such as Quiznos, Churros and Italian food. As usual, Matthew had fun. Don’t forget to click the “Read More” link below to read the rest of the article.

When we arrived, we were immediately suprised at how much light there was. They had colluseum size lights brightening the entire area. You can see the bounce houses jiggling, full of kids jumping inside. People sitting at tables eating. A huge booth with the words “Churros” painted on the side. If you’ve never had Churros, it’s like fried cinnamon-sugar toast.  Jenn helped me resist wanting to stand in line for one of those tasty treats.
As we walked through the front door, we were greated by happy Church on the Hill volunteers handing out candy to all who entered. Directly inside, rows of tables inside offered bags for each kid to use as they walk around and gather more candy. To our right, a haystack with friendly scarecrows offered a fun place for families to sit and take a picture together.
The main auditorium was filled with kids eagerly watching a magician perform tricks. The smaller chappel was filled with kids enjoying the
melodrama. Shows occured twice an hour. We continued down the hall to the childrens area.

Carnival games of all kinds were availeble for kids to test their skills to win a prize. Toss a bean bag through the mouth of the lion. Try to catch fish with a fishing net. Make a hole in one at the putting green. Try throwing a ring on a bottle at the FBC (First Baptist Church) Ring Toss. Two cute little white fluffly dogs are dressed with festive party hats and vests.

Jenn and I watched the melodrama, performed by our junior high school friends. It was a story about a masked villan that bullied the people of a small town. It was set in a time when women wore long dresses and corsettes and the men wore suits and hats. Occasionally, a storm may pass through town, raining candy down on the audience. The masked villian is eventually unmasked and is revealed to be a women, looking much like everyone else. She didn’t think anyone would really like her, so she hid behind her mask and bullied the townspeople. The forgiving and friendly townspeople welcomed her as a friend The junior high kids did an amazing job. I felt as if I was watching a broadway musical.
I couldn’t be more satisfied to be a part of Church on the Hill. Jenn and I really enjoy being a part of this body of believers. Jenn, Matthew and I give Church on the Hill three thumbs up for the Fall Family Blast.

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  1. Jeannie Liner says:

    Hi Rob and Jenn! I love the picture of you three at Church. Take care of yourselves and God Bless you. Love, Jeannie

  2. Rob says:

    That first photo is actually at my parents place. Thanx for the comment and blessings.





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