Doggy Mornings at the Park

South San Jose

The new dog is always rushed by a pack of dogs. The first time this happened to Tessa, she ran out the park  and hid between cars on an adjacent street. We left the park that day and went straight home. 

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Now Tessa has no problem meeting the dogs and is often prodding them to play with her by nipping at their neck and teasing. Sometimes this results in some fun chasing and wrestling, but there are times when it results in a grumpy growl and a snappy warning.

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At times there are 10 to 12 dogs sniffing, wrestling, playfully biting at each other, chasing balls, begging for treats, lapping up water. And of course, there's the usual pooping and peeing. But the concerned citizen need not be alarmed, these owners look out for each other and let the owner know when their dog is pooping.

It's fun to watch the happy dogs. Here's Levi, who always remembers that I have a hip bag of treats. He's such a good beggar. 

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The dogs often love to play rough and the snapshots capture what may seem to be a horrific scene. They look terrifying one moment and then sit patiently next to each other for a treat the next.

Believe me, there were no animals injured this day.

Many of the owners from this group come back to the park later to play ultimate frisbee. It's neat to see how pets can bring people out of their homes to meet each other and enjoy the neighborhood.

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