Claire’s Morning Routine

Nearly every morning I make myself a toasted sandwich with peanut butter, fresh fruit (bananas, strawberries, berries, etc), and honey. Jenn, Claire and Matthew will usually be sleeping. I’ll enter the room with sandwich and two latte’s in hand and announce “rising and shining”.

Jenn will get up and use the restroom while I sit, drinking my latte, and eating my sandwich. Claire is used to Jenn being by her side and so Claire inevitably begins to awaken and sometimes make her fussy noises and sometimes not. But she will soon notice my sandwich and make her way towards it, even with eyes mostly closed. If she was making fussy noises, they stop as she becomes focused on getting my sandwich.

Some mornings I’m more prepared to break off a piece, and other mornings she just grabs the whole thing. Then I have to fight my way to get some. But in every case, she is not interested in eating the sandwich. She wants to open the bread, and pick out the cut pieces of fruit that are gooey with peanut butter and honey. What’s left is a couple pieces of bread with some peanut butter and honey, and Claire with hands and mouth full of the same. Thankfully, the baby wipes are in reach for both diaper changes and situations like this.

It’s funny to watch her because she’s still half a sleep, but very content to do this routine. It’s a fair compromise, considering she would otherwise cry away while Jenn is using the restroom and getting some warmer morning clothes on. Now I just have to remember to cut a piece ahead of time because this routine of Claire’s is becoming more common.

The funny thing about this, is that it is very similar to Matthew’s routine when Matthew was Claire’s age. However, he would not take the sandwich apart. Claire is truly a very unique and special little girl.

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