1599 Geneva Bible

Many years ago I had became very interested in the Geneva Bible. It’s actually the first Bible translation that includes study notes from early reformers like John Calvin. It’s quite a landmark Bible of it’s time and it’s actually the Bible that was first brought with the Pilgrims when they settled in the U.S. The original is very difficult to read, I have a facsimile reproduction that’s tremendously huge, and very difficult to read the old english lettering and characters and the typography is aged.

Now there’s a Geneva Bible that has had all the text updated to modern lettering while retaining all the original words. I haven’t seen it in person but the price is definitely good for such an important Bible in the history of the church. I still enjoy taking out the behemoth version that I own and reading it every once in a while.

Currently the Monegism Bookstore has it on sale. Click Here for the 1599 Geneva Bible

There’s also a review of the Geneva Bible here at the BIble Design And Binding blog

I also found a cheaper hardback version at the Westminster Bookstore. Click Here

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