“But let it never be forgotten, that tenderness of spirit is absolutely inseparable from a spiritual frame. When our blessed Lord prayed, it was “with strong crying and tears?i?:” and when Jacob wrestled, “he wept, and made supplication.” This then is the state of mind which we must aspire after. Our fervour must be a humble fervour; and our confidence, a humble confidence. And whilst we look to God to accomplish all things for us, we must at the same time use all proper means for the attainment of them.”

Charles Simeon on Genesis 32:26 (1832-63)



Farmed Salmon found Poisonous

Experts are now recommending that the average person eat farmed salmon no more than three times a year because of the level of carcinogenic pollutants found in them. They recommend younger people, children, and pregnant women do not eat farmed salmon at all. Read the full story at United Press International: Click Here

Stricter regulations to clean up the farms are needed in order to insure healthier farmed Salmon. Meanwhile, it’s better to eat Wild Salmon.


Migrating to America is bad for health

A new study finds that foriegn born people become more unhealthy, suffering from obesity and high blood pressure when they move to the U.S. This was only a six year study. I wonder what the long term effective of America is on their health. On the upside, we can give them lots of drugs and pills to keep them alive longer. Read the full article: Click Here


Abortions Killing Mommy

A new study, linking abortion rates to death rate in women has found that abortion actually increases the death rate in women.

The main causes for the increase are suicide, accidents and homicide. Agape press has a summary article on the issue. Click Here

AfterAbortion.org has a more lengthy article with more details information and research citations. Click Here

Agape pressing is pointing out that this is good evidence to add to the fight to overturn Roe vs. Wade since one of the strong arguments was that it was safer for a women to have an abortion. This new evidence shows the contrary.

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