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NOTE: After you click the link, the audio clip begins downloading and can interrupt the audio while it’s downloading. It’s best to let the whole clip download and listen again by hitting the play button again. Then you can hear the whole thing in all it’s glory. ;)

August 20,2007

  • Claire Cooing: We put together another small clip of her cooing. I think this one’s a little better than the first, but it really is hard to remember to get the recorder and start recording when she’s cooing because we are all so wrapped up in watching and listening to her every sound.

August 19, 2007


  • Cooing: I was talking with Claire in the original recording. I cut me out of it so that it’s just Claire’s sounds.


  • Notebook: Yes, as hard as we try, Matthew always says notebook as bookock.
  • Baby: He’ll say, “daddy, baby”, when he wants me to hold Claire so that Jenn can hold him.
  • Papa: Even if we try to get him to say grandpa, he always replies with papa.
  • Train: He’ll say train when he wants someone to play trains with him.
  • Truck: Unfortunately, this one sounds a little obscene although he’s really trying to say truck.
  • Rising and Shining: He says this one nearly every morning when we awake. It’s actually a tradition that I started with Jenn before Matthew was born.
  • Ow: I didn’t have to prompt him to say this one. He manages to hurt himself quite often.
  • Matthew: He usually doesn’t say Matthew, so this is really a rare attempt for him to say his own name.
  • I’m Full: I had said this at the end of a meal and he repeated it even though he had hardly eaten anything.
  • DVD: He says this one a lot. This general means that he wants to watch TV.

This link contains the entire sequence. It’s big, so I’d advise right clicking and saving to your hard drive and then listening afterwards. It contains the entire recording session with my prompts to Matthew and his responses. Matthew Full Recording August 2007