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This is a list of teachers I find are excellent for Christian growth. It’s not a complete list since there are many more out there in Christendom that I have not discovered or simply don’t have the time to listen. But this is a list of pastors and teachers that are at the forefront of excellent teaching in America today. These pastors are also good examples of how church members can have cross denominational relationships. Even though they don’t all belong to the same denomination, they regularly interact with other pastors from other denominations and even do conferences with each other.

  • R.C. Sproul: A presbyterian pastor in Orlando Florida. His ministry, Ligonier Ministries, has a monthly publication called Table Talk and a CD of the month program of which we have been subscribers for several years. Sproul is a teacher and theologian with a gift to teach theology in a way that is easily understandable to the masses. Ligonier ministries has recently purchased Solo Deo Gloria publications which continues to make old classic Puritan writings available today.

  • John Piper: Baptist preacher and teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His passion is contagious. He has many books, but visit his site and listen or purchase some of his audio sermons and teachings. His online site is probably one of the most generous online resources from a pastor. Nearly everything he offers is free to view or listen to online!

  • John MacArthur: A west coast favorite among many Christians nationwide. His teaching brings in a wealth of historical information and word study. He has an excellent multi-volume commentary set on the New Testament as well as numerous books and study guides.

  • James Boice: Another presbyterian pastor who recently passed away, but many of his sermons are still available online or for CD home delivery. His exegetical commentaries are my current favorite. He doesn’t cover every book, but he covers a sprinkling of books from the Old Testament and nearly every book of the New Testament.

  • Mark Dever: A southern Baptist preacher who specializes in training and encouraging church leaders. He also has a monthly CD of which he usually interviews other pastors and often of other denominations. In fact, last year he was a guess speaker at the Presbyterian Church in America convention. Many people those he had changed denominations! I love to listen to what pastors are talking about among themselves. It’s like getting the inside scoop.

  • Albert Mohler: He is the president of the Southern Baptist Seminary and has an excellent online presence with his blog and radio show. Like many of the other preachers, he also can be found teaching at national and local conferences.