“Read your Bible from end to end. Read it everyday. Some of you say, “if I read my bible through 5 time in one year I wouldn’t get anything done”. You’re right, you would get a lot less done. But you know what, you just might become the kind of person who in the very few things that you do, would make an everlasting difference in the world.” John Piper


Discovery Museum

Since the kids were so well behaved at the torturous motor vehicle show, we treated them to some time at the Children’s Discovery Museum. We now have a family pass that allows us to bring guests, so call my wife if you are interested in a play-date at the Discovery Museum. It is nice to be able to drop-in at the Discovery Museum without having to drop $40 for entrance fees. We can simply stop-in for an hour or two and leave; I think it’s a good deal if you have young kids.

They like this good ol’ fashion firetruck much better than any of the high-tech vehicles at the motor vehicle show; they can climb and touch it to their heart’s content.

The Children’s Discovery Museum features different exhibits; this is the circles exhibit with a circular boat. They provide the hats and scarves and oars so the kids can pretend.

This pretend pizzeria is the last place for most people. Usually you’ll find exhausted adults littering the sides of the room while the kids busily work at creating and serving pizzas. Matthew took a liking to serving this young boy. It’s fun to see them immerse themselves in this pretend-work atmosphere. Some of the kids are very professionally taking orders, preparing food, and serving as if they are are actually working. Click here to see all the photos in the gallery.


Vehicle Show

We visited the BAE Diveresified Motor Vehicle show back in June. It was a very interesting hodgepodge of vehicles. We had thought the kids would love seeing all the interesting vehicles, but they were acting like it was torture and boring, so we brought them to the Discovery Museum later.

The above vehicle is the replacement for the hummer and it certainly looks like it will provide better protection compared to the hummer.

You think I can submit this photo to the auto magazines? The housewife pushing a stroller in front of the exotic car is bound to sell subscriptions. wink Click here to see all the photos in the gallery

Pool Party

Our friends Ajit and Jenny Ninan invited us to their daughter’s birthday party at a local Tennis and Racket club. It was a fun time; our kids love the water, and the fellowship was as sweet as the cake.

I climbed into the water with my camera for this photo. The camera is a Canon pro-body with weather seals; it isn’t water-proof, but I’ve heard stories of Canon reps washing their camera’s with water. I figured I might as well give it a try and get some unique angles. Jenn was a bit nervous to seeing me roaming around the pool with the camera only inches above the water; but I love the way the water seems to be jumping up into the picture from this angle.

I’m not sure if Jenn’s cold here, or if she’s just having a hard time smiling. Perhaps her weird husband in the pool with a huge camera with the massive bazooka size 70-200 lens made her feel uncomfortable. You think!  Click here to see all the photos.



Moma Lynn’s Visit Part 1

Nana Lynn visited for a short time and it was a good visit. There was plenty of relaxing and just enjoying the days and then there was the days of going places and seeing things.

We literally stopped and smelled the Roses, I highly recommend doing this every once in a while. wink

I am so rarely in the photos, so in case you forgot what I look like, there I am with my children.

We strolled along the beach in Carmel where the kids chased the waves and were chased by the waves. And like each day, they eventually wanted to be carried. I sure would like someone would carry me! Click here to see the entire gallery

There are some more photos from our visit to San Francisco that for some reason I have overlooked. I’ll try to post them later. There is also video that I will need to transfer to the computer and post later.



The Government Intruding on Home-Schoolers?

Jenn and I are currently heading down a home-schooling route with Matthew and Claire. The main motivation is to provide them a learning environment that is spiritually nurturing as well as intellectually. We want to provide Matthew and Claire opportunities to gain wisdom and have communion with God throughout the day, rather than simply gaining facts about different subjects. There are so many reasons and so much more I can say on this subject, and there are good reasons to have our children in the public school; but for now, we have decided that home-schooling is the direction we think would be best for our children.

Now, do you think the government should have the right to tell us we are wrong? What if one of the government’s objections was that they thought our children should have the opportunity to consider other sources of wisdom from other gods. What if a court judge required that you send your children somewhere else for the purpose of opening their mind to other ideas. And what if you believed, as a parent, believed that those other ideas were in conflict with what you believe and would confuse and damage your child’s spiritual development? I grant, that it is a reasonable view to consider it beneficial that your child is aware of these other views and tolerant to living in harmony with other views in a peaceful co-existence; but what if the judge objected to your uncompromising views and beliefs on the source and the substance of truth? And shouldn’t a parent have the right to make these decisions, even if perhaps it would be better for the child to go to public school? Is it proper for a judge to require a parent to send their child to public school based on a judge’s objection to someone’s religious views?

I posed all the above in hypothetical questions, but the news is reporting that a court judge has perhaps acted in such a manner. Granted, it’s media reporting and it seems that the parents in this case are in a less than ideal situation; they are divorced and fighting over custody. Click here to see the article, Home-schooler ordered to attend public school, at Washington Times

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