“The saddest road to hell is the one that runs under the pulpit, past the Bible, and through the middle of warnings and invitations.” Bishop J.C. Ryle


Ultimate Identity Theft

I was shredding paper in our paper shredder and remember how in some cases, identity theft can occur from people piecing together the shreds of paper, especially if you don’t have a cross shredding paper shredding that not only cuts the strips, but also cuts the strips into smaller strips. But we have a method that even surpasses both types of shredders. We shred our paper and then feed it to worms in our worm bin! So the paper is totally transformed into worm casting that get fed to our plants. There is no way that our identity is going to be stolen from those remains. Is that cool or what! LOL


Google Directions

My friend Paul was passed this funny little bit that come courtesy of Google Maps. Give it a try and get a good laugh.

-Go to Google.com
—Click on Maps
—Click on get Directions
—From New York,New York
—To Paris,France
—And read line # 23

I actually tried for San Jose, CA to Tokyo, Japan and it didn’t have the same effect.


Matthew’s Birthday Wish List

I created this Amazon wish list of things that he likes. If anyone out there wants to get something for Matthew’s Birthday, just click on the button below and it will bring you there. Just let me know which item you plan to get so that we don’t have two of one item.

My Amazon.com Wish List


Eating Locally and Cheaply

Even I’ve heard the complaints that Organic, Sustainable eating is more expensive. Our household spends about $2500 more per year to eat organic food when compared to the person who just shops at Albertsons. There’s a group of people that are taking up the challenge to eat local, farm fresh food under a typical average American family budget. Check out their site and watch for the results. Click Here for the Eat Local Challenge


Factor Farm 101

Here’s a concise article that explains the basic definition of a “factory farm”. Jenn and I are following the advice they mention. Buy direct from local farmers who use the farming practices that we approve of. Check some of the links in the links section of our site to see some of the places we use to get local, farm fresh food. Click Here for the Factory Farming Summary

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