This last week an esteemed brother minister was telling me that, in speaking to a man who professed to have been converted, he asked him which sin remained as a load upon his mind. “Well,?” said the man, “I have to see after cows, and I have often beaten the cows very badly.” “What do you do now?” “Oh, I coax them instead of beating them.” Now, I have no doubt, that in his peculiar calling, cruelty to animals would be most strikingly laid upon his conscience, but the pastor had to say to him, “Yes, quite so; but the great sin in your fault is, that the cows are God’s creatures, and that he is angry if we treat his creatures unmercifully.?’
Spurgeon (May 16, 1868)


Matthew’s First Haircut

Matthew had his first haircut. We were concerned with the sharp scissors being next to his precious head. But he didn’t flinch or make any sudden moves. Here’s some before, during and after shots. Don’t be confused about how the series of photos suggest that he went from a wild haired crazy kid to a clean cut well behaved child. Unfortunately the haircut had no effect on his behavior, but fortunately, we still love him.  smile






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