“Some Christians who do know Christ are in great doubt as to whether they know him. This ought not to be. It is too solemn a matter to be left to chance or conjecture. I believe there are saved ones who do not know of a surety that they are saved. They are raising the question often that never ought to be a question. No man ought to be content to leave that unsettled, for mark thee, my hearer, if thou art not a saved man, thou art a condemned man. If thou art not forgiven, thy sins lie on thee. Thou art now in danger of hell if thou art not now secure of heaven, for there is no place between these two. Thou art either a child of God, or not. Why say ye, ??I hope I am a child of God, yet I do not know; I hope, yet not know that I am forgiven??? In such suspense ye ought not to be. Thou art either one or the other ? either a saint or a sinner, either saved or lost, either walking in the light or walking in the dark.” Charles Spurgeon

Apple a Day

An apple a day is now said to have a positive effect on preventing asthma on a pregnant woman’s developing child. Thankfully, we already keep a bowl full of apples in the house. Now Jenn just needs to eat them regularly. To read the full article, Click Here


Group Photo

I called it a group photo because technically only Jenn and I, and of course my mother and father are married. Perhaps sometime soon it will be called a “family” photo. Hint, Hint!  hmmm
The people in the photo, starting from the lower left and including relation to me, are Matthew (son), Rob (me), Jenn (wife), Michael (brother), Melanie (Michael’s girlfriend), Lisa (Anthony’s girlfriend), Anthony (brother), Lori (mom), Bob (dad).


Easter Service

Our church had an outdoor Easter morning service I was looking forward to all week. It was a beautiful morning that started with children singing a worship song. This was followed by several traditional Easter songs like Crown Him with Many Crowns. That’s a favorite of mine and I still had the song in my head as I was falling asleep that night. We had sat down at 9:45, and the service started at 10:15. By 11am, Matthew was thoroughly restless and wanted to leave.

I took him towards the back of the outdoor area and there happened to be a great number of children running around on the grass area, playing at the decorative fountain and climbing and and getting into everything from rocks, to stairs, to dirt. This was fun momentarily, but after another 30 minutes, I wanted to sit down again and listen to the sermon. After all, it was Easter Sunday and the pastor had been preparing his sermon all week in anticipation for honoring the resurrection of Jesus this day. Unfortunately, Matthew would simply not sit still. Both Jenn and I grew tired of chasing him all over the community center park. He had received one spanking already and the thought of turning Easter morning into a spanking session was not very attractive. So we reluctantly headed home.

I was mildly frustrated that Matthew would not sit still. I began to think that we need to tighten up discipline on him so that he will sit still during a service. Jenn disagreed and we had a bit of tension on that subject. But it seemed that we were not the only parents struggling. After all, the area they chose to have the service was a very cool outdoor community center and park that looked like a playground for kids. It’s like placing kids in Disneyland and telling them to sit still. Normally on Sundays the toddlers are in playrooms where they play with toys, hear stories and eat snacks while the parents are in the service. I suppose it is a bit unrealistic to expect Matthew is going to adapt to sitting through a sermon without every having tried to do so previously.

There were parents scatter all over the place. Several parents were even in their cars with their kids. There was even a parent that happened to be leaving at the same time we were leaving. Next year, we may either change our expectations and expect Matthew to play in the back with other kids. Or we will try to leave him with my parents that morning.


Easter Day

We had a full day on Easter Day. Morning started with Church, lunch time was Taco Bell, an after lunch walk to the park were we took a number of photos. Matthew had his daily nap, while I started cooking a ham, and finally our local family came over to celebrate my father and brother’s birthdays.

The photo below is of Jenn and Matthew at the park. We found this cool tree that seemed to work very good for photos and Matthew seemed to enjoy it too.


I found a dandelion bloom, or what I’ve always referred to as a “wish”. This next photo is of me and Matthew, with his “wish” in his mouth.


To see more of the flickr photos in this set, Click Here


An Easter Rest

I mostly think of celebration when I think of Easter. Christ is Risen! In contrast to the solemn good Friday where people often wear black and think about the death of Christ. Easter is commonly a day of celebration and joy and rightly so for those that believe in His death and resurrection. I found a sermon by Charles Spurgeon where he talks about feeling rest on this Easter day. I think it’s very comforting. Here’s an exerpt. I also included the entire sermon for you if you are compelled to read it all.

To have a part in the resurrection of Christ is to enjoy that Sabbath which remaineth for the people of God. We who have believed in the risen Lord do enter into rest, even as he also himself is resting at the right hand of the Father. In him we rest because his work is finished, his resurrection being the pledge that he has perfected all that is needful for the salvation of his people, and we are complete in him. I trust this morning that some restful thoughts may, by the power of the Holy Spirit, be sown in the minds of believers

Spurgeon, C. H.

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