“Tongue control? It will never be achieved unless there is first of all heart and mind control. When any Christian comes to the point of yielding to the Lord in full sincerity, cost what it may control of his thought life, the problem of managing his tongue will be solved, provided that such a surrender goes deeper than the intellect and reaches the emotions and will. For the Bible makes a distinction between mere intellectual knowledge of God and the trust of the heart.”

Frank E. Gaebelein, The Practical Epistle of James: Studies in Applied Christianity (Great Neck, N.Y.: Channel Press, 1955), 80-81.


Playground with Moma Lynn

South Pittsburg has the coolest playground. Lots of wood structures to climb on.

It was a little cold, but we still had fun at the playground. Here’s Lynn and Matthew on the slide.

The Fish Market

Japan’s Fish Market is an extremely active and busy place early morning. They supply fish to the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Probably a population larger than Los Angelas Metro area.

There’s a huge variety of fish. You can find merchants talking with customers, killing fish, cuting fish, and some just standing around waiting for business.

You really have to watch your step around this area, there are a variety of vehicles both motorized and self propelled.


Sushi for Breakfast

They do have McDonalds for your familiar sausage egg McMuffin, but there’s only a few of them. I rose early morning on my last day in Japan and took a trip to the famous fish market to see all the action.

Here’s my breakfast that I had that morning. There’s quite a variety of fish here, some of which are not available fresh like it is here. And since sushi is normally served raw, freshness is key.

Is it a sandwich?

They had these curious food items in Japan. The outside looks like waffle batter and the inside is a variety of things.

I didn’t actually eat one but they did seem very popular.

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