“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7, ESV)


No Television Nights

Usually, we have the television going practically nonstop after dinner. The reasons for watching are endless; Netflix movies, Dr. Phill, 20/20, Dateline, Pimp my Ride, Local and National news, etc etc. On my last trip to Japan, I did a lot of reading in the airplane and didn’t watch much T.V. the entire week. I also had more time to reflect on my role as a husband and spiritual leader in my household.

It became clear that we needed to do something to open time in our lives for study, teaching, prayer, worship, cleaning. Basically anything but television. We decided to cut T.V. on Tuesday’s, Thursdays and Sundays. This Tuesday was our first no T.V. night.

We started off going through the large amount of clutter in our home office. It was encouraging to see the clutter slowly disappear and if we spend some evenings cleaning up clutter here and there, we can easily keep up with it and have a relatively clean house. Later, we spent some time reading to each other and having fun together. Hopefully we can keep this up and do activities that help us grow closer together as a family and also closer to God.

Lots of Travel

I had a busy December and January. I was in Japan for 1 week in December, Alabama for 3 weeks for Christmas and New Years, and then Japan again for 1 week in January. You can bet there’s lots of photos. I haven’t had a chance to process the latest ones from Japan and haven’t had much time to write blog entries. I’ll be writing some “better late than never” entries on these last three trips. Look for them in the next few weeks.


Economics of Global Warming

The Bush administration argues that global warming legislation will hurt the economy. However, a new report shows just the opposite. Lack of legislation will eventually cost the US $50 billion a year to adapt to the climate changes caused by global warming. Worldwide, the cost to industrialized could be $150 billion or 20 percent of the world’s GDP.

Currently in California, Arnold Scharzeneger is proposing billions to be spent on damns because global warming is causing the ice packs in the mountains to melt sooner and faster. This melting water is normally absorbed into underwater basins and reservoirs. However, the faster, sooner melting is causing too much water to go out to sea. Already, California is considering spending billions on new damns. Imagine if billions are needed in California for just damns, it is not far fetch to imagine 50 billion annually countrywide and hundreds of billions annually worldwide. And of course, the U.S. will also be helping the poor countries that cannot adapt on their own. We need to act now to prevent the larger costs in dollars and lives in the future.

To check out the full report, Click Here


Alabama Christmas - Day 1

Our day flying out to Alabama was a long one. We rose at 3:30 am in San Jose in order to be on time for our 6:20 am flight. When we arrived the checkin counter line for Frontier and all other airlines was very long. It was not long after being in line that we heard an announcement that the flight was delayed.

The new time was 7:45. We were somewhat grateful that it was delayed since the line was so long. But after a little time in line, we realized that the line is taking longer than usual because the delay is requiring the counter to reroute people. If the delay didn’t happen, the line would likely travel faster and we would make our originally scheduled flight.

We also needed to be rescheduled in Denver because the delay would cause us to miss our transfer in Denver. When we arrived at the counter an hour later (6:30) we learned that our rescheduled flight would be leaving Denver at 2pm and we would arrive in Nashville at 6pm. Our original schedule was for us to arrive in Nashville at 2pm! A 4 hour delay.

We passed time by walking over to the indoor playground and letting Matthew run around at the playground. Boy was that a surreal experience. I was not in a playful mood, but here I was running around on a playground with my son. After a short while, I actually started to enjoy playing. Security was quick as there were not many people in line. This was a small section of the airport that I learned was nicknamed “Happy Hollow” by the security agents because of the low traffic and easy time they have working the area.

We settled in at the gate and waited for an announcement to board the plane. They new schedule was 7:45 and boarding time was approaching. There was a Togos selling muffins, bagels and juices, so we bought a couple things to eat. Matthew was having a real hard time, crying and fussing. The boarding time passed, so I asked the counter when we were boarding. They said they were waiting for the crew to arrive and didn’t know when that would be. Sounded crazy to me. They don’t know where their crew is and how long before they arrive?

At around 7:30 parents with children started heading for the gate for preboarding. We were all standing around waiting for the announcement to board. Surely it would be any minute since they were planning to leave at 7:45. They soon announced that the plane would be delayed another 30 minutes! So many of the parents in line just sat down on the floor. Matthew was now asleep, so we just sat where we were and placed him on a jacket on the floor.

30 minutes later they delay again, until finally they announce boarding at 9am! A cheer was heard throughout the gate.

At take off, we learned that the delay was due to ice on the wings. They could not take off with ice on the wings and they didn’t have any de-icing equipment to get the ice off. Frontier didn’t expect ice in San Jose, so they didn’t have any equipment at the airport to handle it. The other airlines also refused to help Frontier be loaning equipment. So basically, the aircraft sat in the sun until it melted off.

We flew through Denver, which was uneventful and we made it to Nashville with all our luggage. Later, we learned this was a real blessing because a couple days later the Denver airport was shut down due to snow and over 1500 people were stranded in the airport for more than a day. Denver airport is actually a very risky airport to fly in and out of during the winter. American Airlines through Dallas would probably be better in the future.



100 worst cities for Asthma

Since I suffer with asthma and allergies, this information was very relevant for me. Probably some of you might want to know this information too. The worst cities for asthma suffers are in Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Atlanta ranked the worst along with some other cities in that area ranking close to the same. Some of the best cities are in Florida. Seattle and San Francisco were some west coast cities that ranked well. Although Los Angeles and San Diego are along the coast, their pollution is very bad. Inland California cities also ranked poorly. We live in San Jose, near San Francisco. We have some “Spare the Air” days when the pollution is bad. But most of the time the ocean breeze pushes out the pollution. To see the entire article, Click Here

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