Which Gallery Location is Best?

Lately, Flickr disabled my account when I discontinued my SBC services. I paid for a year of Flickr services and it took many emails a couple phone calls and a final ultimatum that I would take my business elsewhere. After the ultimatum email they reinstated my account to it’s full status and gave a free month. That was a good recovery, but in the meantime I looked at Lombardi Spot gallery performance compared to Flickr gallery performance using an online performance monitor. According to this performance monitor, Flickr is around 7 times slower than Lombardi Spot simply because of all the images and fancy stuff Flickr puts on each page. On my side I can’t really tell much of a difference between Flickr and Lombardi Spot because I have a fast Comcast cable internet connection and Flickr servers are probably located here in San Jose. Besides, I’m not really the one viewing the online galleries, it’s you guys. So I’m curious which galleries provide a better experience for you. Flickr or Lombardi Spot.

As a comparison, visit the following links for both galleries. Pay attention to the speed it takes for the initial page to load and also for the individual photos when you click on them and move from one photo to the next. And also consider the overall experience.

Lombardi Spot Gallery Test
Flickr Gallery Test

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