Unclaimed Baggage

Our last trip to Alabama I think Walmart was the first most frequently visited store, and then Unclaimed Baggage was probably the second most visited store. All it takes is to find one good item, real cheap and it’s enough motivation to keep you going back.

The first trip I found a package of that was stuffed with stationary that looked promising. I couldn’t see all that was in there, but for a couple dollars, I figured it was worth it. After purchasing it, the inside contained way more than I expected. There were postcards from Jerusalem, bookmarks with an illustration of the last supper, and many other goodies. It was probably well over $20 worth of various items jammed into a bag and sold for just a couple dollars! I was on an unclaimed baggage high!

The next time we went I found some Felco pruners for only a few dollars. These are special Swiss made pruners that normally sell new for $50! They work great and I use them today.

Ah, the good memories of Unclaimed Baggage. Sure, sometimes you don’t find a thing and it’s just a building full of junk, but then there’s those days that it seems like you found the best deal on the planet.

The kids liked rummaging through the stuff too.

In the photo above, Jenn and Matthew are trying on some masks we found.

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