Thinking the Truth

Today, we find an emphasis on the sensual. Through advertising and many other means of communication, people are emphasizing feeling over thinking. The churches are being effected by this trend.

Many churches adjust by mimicking modern communication styles. Providing video clips and sound bites to produce emotional responses in the viewers. The idea is that by moving peoples emotions, they will be moved to embrace the deeper truths. However, there is such an emphasis on producing feelings in the attendess that the thinking portion is often poorly delivered. The emotions may experience a push, however, without the corresponding, thorough convincing of the mind, the emotions soon fade and behaviors remain the same. Only when our minds are transormed, will our behaviors begin to follow. This is not easy work, because it is best done with rigorous thinking. Meditating on God’s word, and the truths is holds, which carries the power of God to transform our minds.

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