Swinging in the New Year

Matthew is getting a swinging start into the New Year!

We’ve passed by this swing many times on our walks. We never thought to try putting Matthew in one. God forbid our precious little boy get injured!

As we were passing the swings on our walk, I had the idea to go over and swing on one of the adult swings, holding Matthew in my lap. Being the old fart that I am, I easily get motion sickness from the whimpiest things, including swings.

I look next to me and there are these plastic bucket, diaper looking swings that just might work. So I stick Matthew in one and carefully swing him back and forth. Sure enough, it works like a charm. He can wiggle around as much as he likes and he stays right in there. You know Matthew is having fun when he’s kicking and his mouth is wide open.

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    Matthew looks like he is having such a fun time- those are great pics!





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