Shame and Sin of Abortion

A recent Albert Mohler program had touched on the subject of abortion in the movies. Hollywood is reluctant to carry out a storyline that includes a character that carries out an abortion. This is surprising in a country that widely supports abortion rights. However, it is not surprising for someone like me that believes that abortion is a great evil that will haunt the conscience of those who support and practice it. Abortion is so shameful and dreadful that Hollywood doesn’t dare create a movie that contains it.

I can understand and share in the pain of being upset about the dying American soldiers and people of Iraq. Even more so, we should be upset about the injustice and shameful killing of multitudes more of unborn babies that are murdered on our own country’s soil and worldwide. There’s no lack of people to cry support our troops. But who’s crying support our children? Of course, it’s easy to muster up emotional vigor to support the troops that help protect our lives. We have selfish reasons for that. However, the same vigor is quiet when it come to support a defenseless child in the womb. This child has no voice to cry out for support. We must be that voice and if we don’t voice it, then the conscience will, and eventually God will on that day of judgment.

One person called into the program telling how so many older and very godly women in the church had gone through abortions and experienced the unrelenting pain of their conscience. Their conscience soon found rest in the forgiveness they found in Jesus Christ. And how true it is! Through Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness for even the most heinous of sins. But some people may not come because of their hard hearts. However, the love of Christ can soften even the hardest of hearts so that they can find rest in Him. The world tries to tell us the freedom to choose is where true freedom lies. This is a lie. True freedom is found when you lack nothing and are in need of nothing. Only in Jesus Christ, can our souls experience true freedom and the lack of nothing needful. Come to Him and experience it.

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