Santa Cruz with Lynn

We visited the beach in Santa Cruz with Moma Lynn. It was a beach adjacent to a small harbor with sailboats docked in the background and people sailing around the ocean. Matthew enjoyed running around in the water for the first time. We started out running around with me constantly holding his hand. I would pull him up when the wave is about to wash him away.

He soon gained his boyish confidence and wanted me to allow him to run without my hand there to rescue him. He fussed and nearly threw a tantrum every time I tried to hold his hand. So I allowed him to run around. I carefully positioned myself to catch him should the waves wash him over. Sure enough, a wave washed him over so that he was swept off his feet and completely submerged. I quickly plucked him out of the water. As I look up, I can see the life guard was intently watching us from his station. Jenn and Lynn where also watching. Matthew was shivering and grasping on to me, spitting out the salty water.

Afterwards, he didn’t want to let go of me for a second. We spent more time running around in the water, but it was me running and Matthew clenching his arms and legs securely around me.

Here’s a photo of Jenn, Matthew and Lynn. Matthew is warming up from his cold encounter with the ocean.


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