Purple Haired Jenn

Jenn decided to get red highlights to the front of her hair. I thought it was crazy when she first mentioned it, but she said she’s done it before and liked it. Here’s a photo of my mother putting the red dye into her hair.

After 15-20 minutes, one of the other hairdressers looked in shock at the color in Jenn’s hair. It turned out that my mother had put a Level 5 red dye that was too intense for Jenn’s hair. She should have used Level 2 or 3.

I couldn’t handle hanging out any longer. I was already getting upset about my mother messing up my wife’s hair AGAIN. Last time she had let the highlight solution bleed through the plastic barrier and caused all her hair to be highlighted. This time when I left, I was expecting that Jenn was going to have ferrari red highlights and look like a circus clown when she came home.

Last time my mother was able to fix the highlight disaster by darkening some of her hair. This time they were able to do some disaster recovery and darken what turned out to be hot pink to more of a purple. So Jenn narrowly escaped another disaster. See more of the photos. Click Here for the Gallery

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