Planned Parenthood Controversy

In case you don’t already know, Jenn and I are very much against abortion. It seems pretty clear to us that killing babies at any time is a murderous evil that our government should not allow. The argument of freedom of choice for women is a very weak one seeing that no sane society allows murder to be a free choice. We don’t allow people to kill their children. We are shocked when we hear about a father or mother mass murdering their family. However, somehow it’s completely fine to kill children who are in the womb. Perhaps the fetus doesn’t look cute enough? Doesn’t touch our hearts enough? If it is aborted, it certainly will not have the opportunity. Some people come up with moderately understandable excuses in the case of rape, incest or genetic problems. But the reality is those are just excuses to make it seem okay to abort under any circumstance.

Now, it turns out my tax dollars are also supporting and subsidizing abortions. Technically, some of the money I work for on a daily basis is being directed toward funding abortions through planned parenthood. The thought makes me want to stop paying taxes , move out of this country, or somehow put a stop to this.  R.C. Sproul had rightfully pointed out that this is how Americans make stealing legitimate. My money is being taken from me and used in opposition to me. This is really a place that the government has no reason to be funding. What is our government’s excuse for funding abortions? I can tell you now that it’s not a good one from my perspective.

Read these facts from an American Spectator Article on Planned Parenthood

In 2005 Planned Parenthood got $272 million in our taxes, twice the money it made from its 255,000 surgical abortions. Since 1987, Planned Parenthood has taken in $3.2 billion in taxpayer funds for its deadly agenda. So, since 1973 Planned Parenthood has aborted 3.8 million babies with the help of over 3.9 billion tax dollars.

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