No Television Nights

Usually, we have the television going practically nonstop after dinner. The reasons for watching are endless; Netflix movies, Dr. Phill, 20/20, Dateline, Pimp my Ride, Local and National news, etc etc. On my last trip to Japan, I did a lot of reading in the airplane and didn’t watch much T.V. the entire week. I also had more time to reflect on my role as a husband and spiritual leader in my household.

It became clear that we needed to do something to open time in our lives for study, teaching, prayer, worship, cleaning. Basically anything but television. We decided to cut T.V. on Tuesday’s, Thursdays and Sundays. This Tuesday was our first no T.V. night.

We started off going through the large amount of clutter in our home office. It was encouraging to see the clutter slowly disappear and if we spend some evenings cleaning up clutter here and there, we can easily keep up with it and have a relatively clean house. Later, we spent some time reading to each other and having fun together. Hopefully we can keep this up and do activities that help us grow closer together as a family and also closer to God.

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