Moma Lynn’s Visit Part 1

Nana Lynn visited for a short time and it was a good visit. There was plenty of relaxing and just enjoying the days and then there was the days of going places and seeing things.

We literally stopped and smelled the Roses, I highly recommend doing this every once in a while. wink

I am so rarely in the photos, so in case you forgot what I look like, there I am with my children.

We strolled along the beach in Carmel where the kids chased the waves and were chased by the waves. And like each day, they eventually wanted to be carried. I sure would like someone would carry me! Click here to see the entire gallery

There are some more photos from our visit to San Francisco that for some reason I have overlooked. I’ll try to post them later. There is also video that I will need to transfer to the computer and post later.


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