May Photos

Matthew had 3 birthday celebrations this year. One was the previous week before his actual birthday because my brother Michael is not always in town every week. He’s flying around the country one week and then home the next. So we scheduled one celebration during the time he was in town. The other celebration was just Jenn, Matthew and I at the children’s discovery museum. This was his real birthday day. Jenn and I gave him his gifts that day. Those photos were posted from Jenn’s new camera on an HP site somewhere, I’ll get the link later. The final celebration was on Mother’s day at Vasona park where he rode a mini train and played on a very cool playground that I used to play on as a kid. They still have the original airplane and fire engine. Click Here to see all the photos


The above photo was taken while we waited in a very long line. You can imagine that a lot of people were at this popular park on Mother’s Day. We were the next in line, anticipating the steam train’s arrival from it’s previous run. The problem was that it could not make it up the short incline before the station. They actually made several attempts to back up, gather steam power and try again. After three attempts and 15 minutes later, they brought out the diesel train to tow the steam train back to the station. The photo above shows the diesel train towing the steam train. Our ride was pulled by this green and yellow diesel train. I jokingly commented that they should convert all the steam train to diesel since they work so well! Oh yeah, they did that already.  tongue laugh

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