Los Gatos Creek Trail

We travelled to Los Gatos for a light walk. It was a beautiful day, we were a little bored of being inside the house. So we decided to kill some time and enjoy the outdoors. We parked at Vasona Park and started walking down a trail that I thought would be a nice walk. As we walked and walked it seemed like the sun was beating down harder and harder. There wasn?t much shade around. Highway 17 was only tens of feet away, so instead of the peaceful sounds of outdoors, it was more like stopping your car on the freeway and walking down the shoulder! I tried to keep my composure and enjoy the walk. I looked back at Jenn to see that she wasn?t very happy. Several times she asked where we were going and when we would be there. I think my first response was ?over there?. I don?t think she appreciated that response. My second response was something like, ?just around the corner?. She said she didn?t believe me. I don?t blame her. I began to think about what it must have been like to be in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. I suppose it was like a spiritual journey. Well, not really. Jenn was hysterically upset by the end. She was laughing and complaining yet she swore that she was really mad. We finally arrived in the downtown area. I was dripping sweat. I pointed out a beautiful Victorian style home to ease Jenn?s mind. She was quick to say that she didn?t care about the house one bit. Even though it seems like we were having hardships, we were actually enjoying our time together. I guess that?s one of the special things I like about Jenn. We have our disagreements and conflicts throughout the day, but in the end, I wouldn?t sell you a moment of our time if you tried to buy it. My time with Jenn and Matthew is priceless. We stopped at a place called Blendz to get a couple juice smoothies. Then headed to the nearby town center park to rest in the shade and drink our smoothies. The park had a small section for the kids to jump through geysers of water spraying out of the ground. I walked Matthew around the park and he was very interested in all the trees that lined the perimeter of the park. After a short while, he started to notice all the kids running through the water. I wonder what he must of thought seeing something like that for the first time.

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