Lombardi Spot Redesign

Improved Function, Typography, Design &Organization

The new Lombardi Spot design is online. Jenn has patiently endured my long hours of tweaking away at the computer and finally here it is, a redesigned Lombardi Spot website. This is actually a step towards designing two other websites: Today’s Reformer and Jenntle Spirit. I would love to know what you think of the layout and functionality; especially if you find something that doesn’t work for you. Please feel free to leave a comment here or on Facebook. It’s past 1:00 am now and it’s time to get some sleep! smile

Morning update: If you happen to use Internet Explorer over Firefox on a Windows PC, you might notice some of the jagged edges on the header fonts. Let’s just say that Microsoft, with all the money they get from the sale of their OS, has a horrible browser in comparison to others. The current best all around browser for the Windows OS is Mozilla Firefox—and somehow they are able to do it for free. It has the better font rendering as well as better support for other things such as rounded corners, shadows, and opacity. Also, make sure to update your Firefox to the latest—earlier versions of Firefox will not show the fonts properly.

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