Holy Aware or Today’s Reformer

I’m planning to create a seperate website from my LombardiSpot blog that would be more focused on Christian content. Tell me, what name sounds better to you, “Holy Aware” or “Today’s Reformer”? Holy Aware is a bit of a play on words, I would be writing on topics that are intended to build on an awareness of our Holy God and all thing Holy towards the end that we are wholy aware of all things holy; get it? smile And then “Today’s Reformer” would suggest more of a focus on communicating thoughts, ideas, and teachings that bring reformation to our lives for the glory of God, with a bit of a harcking back to the days of the reformers; I’ve heard the sentiment echoed that American Evangelicism is in the midst of another reformation, thus Today’s Reformer would identify with that.

So, which do you like? “Holy Aware” or “Today’s Reformer”. Please comment.

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