Future of Food

Remember that saying, “you are what you eat”. Well, this statement has never been more frightening after watching the eye opening film about our food industry called “Future of Food”.

Our food industry in the U.S. is run by huge multinational conglomerate cooperations that are money and power hungry. Let’s face the facts about businesses, they are out to make money. This film is a stark reminder that it is up to consumers and the government to protect themselves. However, it turns out, in the United States, the government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are being run by the former employees of these cooperation. It’s the old “fox watching the hen house”. How can us chickens be safe when the fox, who wants to pounce and kill on the chickens, is in charge of the safety of the chickens?

In additiona, elected officials, like the Attorney General, are receiving some of the largest every seen campaign contributions from these cooperations. The corruption runs deep. Like the Bible says, “For the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

For example, our corn crops are largely genetically modified corn. The corn farmers had literally been stripped of their rights to own their own seed when the Monsanto cooperation had patented a Genetically Modified (GM) Corn seed that was highly resistant to their own herbicide called “Round Up”. This seed was legally their property and use of the seed was strictly controlled by the Monsanto cooperation. However, as you know, birds, wind and other environmental factors can cause seeds from one farm to spread to others. In some cases, seed fly off of trucks transporting seeds or grain. When the Monsanto cooperation found out that their GM corn was growing in places that didn’t purchase it, they began to sue the farmes. As a result, the farmers are being forced to settle law suits that require them to pay the Monsanto cooperation, or agree to only purchase and use their seeds. This makes the Monsanto cooperation in control of the farmers.

Previous to this, generations of farming families have saved and carefully selected the seed that they pass from generation. Farmers were able to happily farm, make a living for their families, and good corn for the country. Now, the Monsanto cooperation is able to strip this away. Why does the government allow this? Well, the Monsanto’s cooperate influence extends into Washington. Excecutive employees from the Monsanto cooperation go back and forth from the EPA, FDA, leading the agencies and leading the company. They invest millions of dollars in elected officials to sway everyones thinking. They are even starting to influence the students in Universities by investing huge dollars into the university labs.

There have been studies that show that some of these genetically modified foods can kill butterflies, cause problems in fish, and allergic reactions in humans. However, these big cooperations will pull their dollars out of the universities if such finding are released to the public. They want to control the food chain and the future of the food chain.

Europe and other countries are not experiencing such corruption as we are. For example, the European union doesn allow GM corn, hormone fed beef, or a number of other GM foods. This has now only hurt our export business to these countries, but it is also a reminder of the dangerous and uncertain future of the U.S. foods.

I, for one, will fight this in any way I can. There are a number of ways to combat these cooperations.

1. Join the millions of other citizens that are signing petitions, sending letters to elected officials and being active.
2. Buy organically grown food from local farmes or your food store.

Check out the Center for Food Safety: Click Here
They have a wealth of information on this topic as well as ways to make a difference.

The Future of Food website: Click Here

The film is awesome for teaching us the realies of the food industry that neight the cooperations or our government will show us.

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