Fun in San Francisco

Laura visited for a week and we spent a Saturday in San Francisco enjoying the warm 75 degree weather while it was around 90 degrees back in San Jose. We’re never certain how much trouble it will be to travel with 1 month old Claire and 2 year old Matthew. But this trip was actually very fun. Here’s a photo of Jenn, Matthew and Laura on the pier near with the Golden Gate bridge in the background.


We started out parking at the usual Sutter St. garage and walking down towards Market St. where we planned to eat at an awesome Mexican food place called Chipotle. They are a move towards more organic and sustainable raised food. They call it their Food With Integrity (FWI) program. The pork they use is from pigs that roam naturally and are not raised in CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). Most of the beef and chicken are sourced from all naturally raised sources. Over time they try to slowly move more and more towards using completely organic and naturally raised foods.

Matthew loved a simple side dish of their marinated, shredded pork and rice for only $2.50. He consumed nearly all of it! All of their food is incredibly good and the prices are comparable to other Mexican food places. If you go during the lunch hour, you’ll find a line going out the door! There are a handful of Chipotle’s around in California and the number is continually growing. I have to thank God that one just opened up a couple blocks away from my workplace!

After lunch, we headed towards a popular park near the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Matthew spent a good 20 minutes playing around the multilevel fountains with pathways and walkways to explore amongst the fountains. On our way back to the truck, we stopped to listen to a violin and guitar play some folk style music on the sidewalk in front of the Men’s Macy’s. They were young girls who actually happened to be from a Christian family that was visiting San Francisco. The open guitar case that they had placed on the ground offered tracks that tell about Jesus.

After much people watching, a stop to feed Claire, we finally made it back to the truck. Then we fed Claire some more before hitting the streets of San Francisco. China town was just a block away, so we drove up the center of China Town, slowing making our way down the very narrow st. Tourists and Chinese people filled the sidewalks. We soon remembered about the excellent pearl tea drinks that are available in China town, however, the parking is horrible and there were no parking spaces open. So I parked my truck temporarily halfway on the sidewalk and halfway in the street. Jenn and Laura jumped out to fetch the pearl tea drinks. Meanwhile, I sat in the truck with the motor running and wondering if I my parking my gigantic SUV partly on the sideway would be a problem. People walked right by my truck, staring at the buildings, looking at the stores and other people. A police officer on bike appeared around the corner and headed down the street towards me. His eyes were scanning the crown and the traffic but he didn’t for a second notice me partly parked on the sidewalk. Another compact car came and jerked itself onto the sidewalk in front of me. At this point I was feeling like it didn’t really matter that I was parked here. So I turned my truck off and relaxed. Jenn and Laura soon returned with the treats. Laura, having experienced pearl tea drinks in China, knew what the good stuff was supposed to taste like. She had yet to find good pearl tea in the U.S. except at this place in San Francisco. It was yummy good. Actually, there are a number of good places in the Bay Area to find good pearl tea.

In San Francisco, it’s always fun to ride the hilly streets and experience a real live roller coaster with buildings and scenery of San Francisco surrounding you. Today was no exception. I quickly found several nearby streets that go up and down and we had a few thrills with those. But I knew there were something more dramatic and as we followed the top of the hill, I peered down the side streets and spotted a extremely steep dropping street. You know it’s very steep when rooftops of the buildings disappear very quickly. As we approach the steep street, it’s just like going over the crest of a hill on a roller coaster. The ground drops away and all you see is air and the sides of the buildings. As the truck meets the steep grade of the street all the passengers experience their seat belts being the only thing holding them into the seat! It was so steep that Matthew wasn’t even saying “weee!” This particular experience was unusually comical in that as we approached the cross street on the following block, a little old lady with a cane was patiently making her way across our path. Thankfully my breaks were working well that day. wink

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