Fourth of July Fireworks

We went to the San Jose fireworks this year. We parked perhaps 1 mile away and walked until we were in front of the Municipal Stadium and surrounded by people. When the fireworks started we could see the spot they were being launched: across the street, over a fence and in the back of the Stadium, perhaps 1/2 a block from where we stood.

Last year Matthew missed the Fireworks, this year he was exuberant. Take a look at the videos. He’s standing a little funny because he’s was sitting on a parking cone. I had to adjust the light level in the video processing program, so it’s a little grainy, but notice where Matthew says, “I love the whole world”. Wow, if only we can all just get a little dose of them fireworks every day, the world would be a better place. wink

If you have a high speed connection, the high quality videos are available for viewing at the link below.
Click here to go to the Video gallery, or play them below.

Matthew and the Fireworks

Part of the Finale

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